Monday, 23 August 2010

Max modelling/rigging progress

Progress so far... all done in max atm n i must say im getting quite into it! ive indulged a lot of time so far, aproximately spent 19hrs although i guess i have been faffing about with typology and adding detail at a stage where it isnt nessisary else i may heve been quicker. id say about %30 of the detail is in there atm so ive still got a long way to go before the model is finnished. Rather than complete it though im going to add a basic rig and skin to test how the deforms work with the typology as it is. after all i dont want to spend another 10 hours on it and find twas all for nought and have to redo.


Thursday, 12 August 2010

Ive been wanting to rig muscles for a while now but as i need a model to do that i started modeling human anatomy. spend about 4 hours on this so far with detail needing to be added to the face hands and feet still. i was pleased with how the torso came out considering its been over a year since i did any proper modeling. not sure weather i want to take this into z brush or keep it in max yet although when it comes to rigging if i need to make alterations to skin deformation it would be easier if i kept it in max.

11 Second Club July, only spent a total of about 6 days on this which is a shame cause i was realy getting into it, come the final day i came to accept that it wasnt going to get completed in time. :(

got my breakdowns done, moved to curves and fixed them but never realy got to do a full animation pass. once again facial expressions are missing, its something im weak at so ill be giving some facial animation a go.

work created for an internship at Little Old Lady Games for an undisclosed project in development for PC,iPhone, iPad and PSPgo.