Tuesday, 14 September 2010

UDK Awesomeness!

Got word that there may be an animator job going but UDK experience was needed.
Once again i dropped everything for a couple of days and went on a UDK TRAINING SPREE! must have watched about 15+ hours worth of tutorials at a comical X2 speed to save time, defo learned a lot but the most valuble thing i think is how much my mind exploded with posibilities. i used the metaphore that "all this time ive been learning how to make bullets but not having anything to do with them, now with UDK i have something to shoot with!"
Everything i know will finally come together! :D

Will return to completing Animation now but expect some crazy UDK stuff to apear in the future!

Unreal Development Kit is a free download! Get it here!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Draft Skin

This is the rough test of the muscles and deformation. The purpose has been to identify parts of the mesh that looked okay visually but didnt work when the model was moved. From this ive Identified several points where the mesh needs changing, underneath the armpits becomes messy when the arm and clavical rise up and there are potentially problems in the knee also. A major problem ive discoverd is the twist bones, whilst i have modeled a twist into the gemetry its not nearly enough, this has cuased a massive tear in the geometry for what should be normal movement.
Knowing this i can now go back into modeling and restructure weaknesses on top of that having a semi working rig means i can test deformation on the fly too.

For now though this piece of work is going temorarily on hold while i work on 11 second club for september although i may dabble as temptation grabs me.