Friday, 1 October 2010

11sec sept 2010

So here it is! my animation for the 11 second club competition september, glad to have it done! Feedback please!

Confronting the Don from Mark Nicholas on Vimeo.

Something I’m curious about is what you 'the audience' is getting from it, this has rely just been my own expression of how I think the piece should look, I’ve not rely tailored it with the viewer in mind and have probably over indulged myself. I think the missing ingredient is what the big John L said in an interview years ago about what the secret formula to success after he wins several short student film awards. He says he thinks the secret ingredient is entertainment which I think this piece is missing, I think the cause is my drive, where some animators are inspired by the animation they saw as kids I get inspired by how the mind works, I rely find it fascinating how people think and how people like Darren brown or interrogators can read your mind via body language and behaviour, I like to explore these things in my animation to the point where I think here I’ve overlooked the pure entertainment value. What do you think?

Something for me to keep in mind in the future...
As for technique I think I still need to work on it, I struggled more than I should have to gain control over some of the limbs, so my technique does need refining.

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  1. Hi there,
    wow i love this. I know what you mean about worrying your animating too much for what you think it should look like instead of an audience but this is definatly entertaining in every way.
    animating something the way you see it in your head means that you are connected to it and can feel it. i definatly think that this has real character and has great polish.

    only tiny points i'd make would be:
    . about 6 seconds in his arm and leg move together but it might be better if they are ever so slightly staggered or just slightly slowed down.

    . at about 9 seconds in as he turns it might be nice for him to not look at the person speaking for just slightly longer, maybe some eye glances at the bar as if hes thinking about whats been said before he looks up.

    i love the weight shifts and the lipsync is great. i really love it!
    Well Done!