Sunday, 7 November 2010

Zombeh bunny is dissapointed in your brainlessness!

Another few afternoons another cycle, i think its nice i can just go with things at the moment rather than ahdering to a specific vision. take this for instance, it started out as a vanilla fat walk to show some weight, i moved the arms up and forward so they didnt distract me while i was animating the core and abdomen... then a crazy thought hit me! 'hey that kinda looks like a zombie with his arms like that!' as its the season! a bit cliche but hey some times we like cliche!
The problem at the moment is im battling with two visions, is he walking like a zombie just cause hes a cliche zombie bunny, or is he walking like that because hes hungry and thinking about the food on the table hes walking towards (yes there is a difference!). while i feel its the intricacies in the arms and face that will ultimatly tell between these two stories god bless CG with its technicall difficulties the arms are awfully difficult to controll and thus difficult to portray the correct motion, yes, gimbal is back! (meaning there is no rotational controll for the directions i need the arms to rotate) sugar hunny ice tea...

total time on this cycle is aproximately 4 hours, of which at least an hour and a half has been battling and experimenting with the gimbal problem in the arms. I will find a solution cause theres no way in hell im letting the arms move like they are at the minte...

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